School Outreach


Southery School talk 12 Feb 2020.

Nature Volunteer Network founder Trudy was invited to visit the ‘Wrens’ and the ‘Lapwings’ – at Southery School, on the 12th February .

We looked at fossils, antlers, horns and feathers, taking time to explain about each item, and allow the students to connect with the items through touching and visually inspecting them.

Students were encouraged to ask questions, and of course they had loads! After providing answers, we went into the school garden for the picture – you can see one of the students ‘wearing’ the antlers at the back!

Encouraging young people to look at unusual objects from animals allows their curiosity to run wild, and their connection to nature to grow. Future generations need to be interested in nature in order to protect and restore it.

If you are interested in a ‘Nature show and tell’ at your school, please contact us.

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