If you can spare a little time to lend Nature a helping hand, we’d love to have you on board!

The amount we can achieve depends entirely on our volunteers, so the more we have the more we can get done.

In todays’ changing world, Nature faces challenges like never before – population and infrastructure growth demanding more and more space – droughts, floods, heatwaves and other Climate change issues  – all happening at such a rate many species simply do not have time to adapt.  

Our mission is to help and protect Nature within West Norfolk, whenever and wherever we can. 

Species once common in our lifetimes are struggling for their very survival, and sadly, without help, things will continue to get worse. 

More houses, more roads mean more land taken from Nature, and, more pollution from fossil fuels to heat homes and power vehicles means more pressure on an already struggling natural world. 

Put simply, Mother Nature needs all the help she can get, and that is why the Nature Volunteer Network was founded.


Get hands on with nature, save West Norfolk - join our community

The NVN cares passionately about Nature and it is our mission to help and protect it in any way we can. We are based in West Norfolk, and at present are working on several projects including:

  • Improving Hedgerows
  • Improving Ponds
  • Protecting roadside verges and hedgerows
  • Building and erecting boxes for birds and bats 
  • Building and placing Bee/Bug hotels
  • Surveying work to identify areas in need of protection
  • Monitoring trees with preservation orders
  • Giving talks to schools, groups and communities
  • Helping with school, group and community projects
  • Holding Workshops 
  • Lobbying local councils on behalf of Nature
  • Starting wildflower area’s
  • Encouraging Rewilding 


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